4 tips for Success in Gymnastics Strength Training

Whether you are new to gymnastics strength training or have attended many of our gymnastics series, you know the difficulty in mastering your bodyweight.  Here are 4 tips to keep in mind as you begin training in gymnastics strength.

  1. Balance in your training approach – Success will come from an optimal balance of volume, intensity, and frequency.  Overloading any of these principals will diminish your progression.  Too much volume? You probably won’t be able to keep up the intensity or frequency.  Too much intensity? The volume of your work and frequency will be impacted.
  1. Quality is more important than quantity – If you rush through the exercise and don’t focus on the quality of movement, your training and gains will be diminished.  In most cases, poor form will lead to poor movement patterns will lead to improper muscle activation.
  1. Don’t Progress too fast! – Everyone wants instant gratification. Not with gymnastics strength.  It’s all about the long game.  Having a full understanding of the skill / progression curve is key for mastering a movement.  If you want a pull up, do you know where you are the weakest? Strongest? Have you mastered all the progressions leading up to your current ability?  If you are struggling with a movement, take a step back and reevaluate where you are on the progression skill curve. You may be moving too fast and need to slow down.
  1. Consistency is important – This not only applies to gymnastics strength but to overall strength and fitness. Consistency is everything!  A well-planned training program followed consistently will maximize results. This is especially relevant when beginning a new skill or strength training program.  If you are exposed to new movement patterns you need to consistently train them in order to adapt and grow. 

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