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A Look in the Rearview

“It will be ok, we have a plan.”

I remember saying this, I honestly cannot recall if I believed it. It was near the end of March, and I just learned that Illinois would be shutting down all essential businesses. Seems so long ago, but still just like yesterday.

We did have a plan. But, having a pandemic planning, and having to execute a pandemic plan our very different things. I mean, how to you mentally adjust to closing your business, and starting to homeschool your kid(s)? (God bless to ALL the parents. I know this was and is brutal. Hang in there, we can do this!)

We leaned in to what we love. Coaching. And we leaned in hard. Daily to Weekly check ins with members, personalizing the workouts for at home considerations, coming up with small at home challenges to keep engagement high, running an amazingly successful nutrition challenge in the snackopolypse, weekly staff meetings, and running daily zoom classes after creating an equipment loan program.

We told the staff that we would get through this by coaching our faces off. I hope we succeeded in that mission. Covid has hit us all hard, and I know we adapted well to continue to serve. It has given us a lot of lessons learned for the future.

We are open again, coaching in person again (we still love our remote clients, and will always provide the best experience we can), and planning for the future instead of managing the present again. I hope you have gotten to that point in your life as well. We have some exciting things planned, but for now. We have enjoyed celebrating the present.


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