THE Radiant Nutrition and Fitness Coaching STORY

Andrew and Kayla Pollock owners of Radiant Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Andrew and Kayla Pollock - OWNERS

Andrew found his love for fitness in the Marine Corps. After switching his workout approach in the service he learned he could be more effective with his gym time to maximize his results. After coming back to civilian life, this was incredibly helpful as he transitioned to managing school, work, and day to day civilian life. He now works hard to share these tools with his community. Kayla found her passion for Nutrition in fitness overtime. Struggling with all things food and weight related growing up, it is important to her to be a positive role model for her daughter and help others avoid the traps that are so common in our society with food and mindset.

She also got past mental barriers about lifting heavy and hopes to share her passion with the community so they can be their most radiant selves!

OUR coaches

Sara coach at Radiant Nutrition and Fitness Coaching



Sara found herself joining the gym at the behest of a friend, and would agree it was one of the best choices she ever made. Despite becoming more empowered after some scary medical issues, she has found a love for coaching, training, and olympic weightlifting.

You will hear her excitement for your accomplishments long before you even know she is watching as she shares her enthusiasm for all things training with our community!

Shaun coach at Radiant Nutrition and Fitness Coaching



When Shaun isn't helping company acquisitions or chasing his 3 boys around he loves to share his love of gymnastics and fitness. He knows how a busy schedule can get in the way of health and fitness and now has taken a no excuse approach to his own health.

After becoming unhappy with the state of his health and fitness after school sports he joined Radiant and proceeded to lose 40lbs, become stronger than ever, and develop a penchant for gymnastics! If you are looking for your first pull up, Coach Shaun is your guy!

Denise coach at Radiant Nutrition and Fitness Coaching



What loves spending time with her boys, camping, food prep, and crushing the beer mile? It's definitely Coach Denise! Denise is our amazing nutrition coach who loves to run.

She joined our team after being an amazing success story from our Nutrition program and wants to share that success with our community. You can catch Denise crushing miles around town or out camping on the weekend. If you need help with your food, picky eaters, or nutrition accountability, look no further!

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