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What Do I Do Next

I know I should do something, but what? Over the last couple months we have had to adjust to a more sedentary lifestyle.  For many …

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What is Grace?

The reality is everyone wants roughly the same things. I like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a clear base of what drives people.  What shapes …

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The Long Game

Transitioning from a 28-Day Stay Healthy Challenge, or any month long nutrition challenge for that matter, into a balanced lifestyle is a difficult transition to …

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Focus On You

Change is incredibly hard and personal. We mentioned that in our last post (here), but it is also forced.  Change tends to require a breaking …

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Become Familiar with Change

The World is Changing.  This is always a true statement.  Whether new technologies being born, new businesses being open, or new babies being born.   …

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Transparency in Programming

Transparency in Programming The day has finally arrived where we can lift together under one roof! Maybe you’ve seen the videos on social media of …

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What to do when you don’t know what to do.

In our current environment, the one thing many of us are facing is a sudden jump into the unknown.  This can manifest as frustration, or …

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Update at CFTC

Hey everyone. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy.  I’d like to address the future of training with CFTC and how we plan …

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Virtual Murph For Miller Breakdown

Murph for Miller is almost a week away.  Are you ready?  If you have followed along with CFTC’s programming, completed at home workouts or have …

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Programming with a Purpose

Virtual Murph for Miller is upon us and CFTC has the programming to set you up for success.  I’ve increased the volume of pulling, pressing …

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