Celebrate your progress

After weeks of working out (a couple or several) you start to feel a little stronger. You have had a better routine than you have had all year. Best 3,5,7 days yet! But, all you can think about is that one lift you couldn’t hit. Or the bad eating day you had. Or the favorite workout you had to miss because of work. Or…… We’ve been there too.

Too often we create these zero sum goals with our health and fitness. Either we are perfect on are diet…. or we are failures.
Either we hit a new PR in a lift…. or we haven’t made any progress
Either we eat clean 100% of the time…. or what’s the point!?

Your health and fitness is only a small part of our overall lives. The goal is to make it a consistent and prioritized one. Let yourself have the grace to allow work, sleep, your family, and celebrations be obstacles to be managed; not impossible forks in the road.

This can be much easier to accomplish by appreciating the long term work you put in, as opposed to the snapshot result. Appreciate your weekly average weight as opposed to the one bad scale day. Appreciate the new ease of 5rep lifts, even if you had a bad 1 rep day. Appreciate the extra pep in your step as you play with your kid, don’t worry about running a bad race.

Your progress will not be linear, but if you remain consistent, so will your progress. Celebrate your steps, and remember; the most important step is the the next one.

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