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Challenge Along the Coaching Journey ft. Nicole

Hey everyone. WE are back with Nicole’s journey after announcing some big changes. While that presents some unique challenges to her jounrye to coach, today we asked her about:
“What is your biggest perceived challenge and how we are going to overcome it?”

If I had to describe learning how to coach in three words it would be “fun yet challenging”. Every time I have left the gym, whether it was fully shadowing or shadowing plus leading warm-up, or any other combo, I left smiling. It is rewarding to see people putting their hearts into the hour they spend at the gym and I am so grateful I get to be a part of that in a different capacity. The challenging part comes into play when I think I am going to say something in a way that no one will understand; it could be during a warm up or while providing a cue/adjustment. Guess what? It has already happened. The way I explain something may make sense to one person but not another so I have to overcome this by presenting a different way. I need to practice getting words out of my mouth and being okay with failing. I may get those blank stares or a “uhhh what?” but I will get better and I will overcome it. Heck, at times, I still give Andrew a “what are you telling me to do?” and he has been doing this for years. The only way I am going to overcome  this challenge is to practice. As nervous as that may make me, the only way we can get better at things is by trying and course correcting when it may not goes as planned. 


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