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Health and fitness is a very personal experience.  At Radiant Nutrition and Fitness coaching we understand that uniqueness and want to help each individual where they are.  Whether trying to lose weight by adjusting their nutrition for the first time, someone needing the accountability at home during these times, an athlete looking to prepare for lifting heavy at a meet, or someone making sure they can keep chasing their kids around.  We know what is important to you is what you will be doing outside the gym.  We meet our athletes at their goals by:

-Having fully trained and certified Nutrition and Fitness coaches to help our clients reach their goals!
-Multiple levels of daily workouts for our classes, allowing our clients to best train to serve THEIR goals.
-Using the best technology and goal reviews to keep objective data to track our clients, and ensure progress is being made.
-Providing various options to meet our clients needs, whether that be through private training, remote training, group classes, or nutrition coaching.

Too often we felt the fitness industry created the targets and athletes had to adapt their training to work toward these artificial goals, that didn’t resonate with them.  We want to ensure we are always working toward are clients whats, and whys!   


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