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Does your why match your what

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re feeling pretty good.  The last set started to  not be great but you did it.  Coach already gave you the “weight talk”, but you got this.  You go a bit heavier.  You lift it.  You know it doesn’t look great, but you did it.  

You’re feeling tired, but it is heavy day! And if you don’t go heavy you won’t feel like you work out.  Despite feeling tired, you almost match your old personal best

You are ready for your favorite workout.  After a long week this is exactly what you need.  It starts, and right away you know it doesn’t feel quite right.  You finish, feeling deflated because your body wasn’t able to give what you need that day.

Many of us can relate to these.  In every case, the goal seems to be to “win” the workout for the day.  I know the feeling, and can relate to the negative impact it can have.  Trying to workout for the day creates unrealistic training expectations, misunderstandings of progress, poor mindset for “weak” lifts, and increases injury rate.

As someone who carried this mindset through my youth.  I can assure you my best deadlift of my 20’s has no bearing on my current life.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want to deadlift heavy, it just means you should work toward that goal in a way that works with your life, and not shoehorned into your life.

We are not professional athletes.  Our goals are to look good naked, chase our kids, perform our jobs pain free, and be more capable.  Once we start achieving these, we move onto more performance based goals.  But, that doesn’t change the long term goals.  Even professionals don’t expect to give 100% every training session.  They are looking toward their future goals.  As non-professionals, we need to be even more critical of how we work toward our goals.  Our day to day life will have a much bigger impact on our day to day training. 

How to start improving.

  1. Know why you are training.
    1. What do you want, do you know how to get there?
  2. No single workout will make you fit.  Be in it for the long haul, everyday.
    1. Measure progress in months, not weeks.  Don’t attach yourself to any single lift or strength.
  3. Reassess your goals frequently to stay on track
    1. Keep motivation high and stop training from getting stale.

Remember, you are training for you!  Make sure you are working toward the results you want.


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