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Don’t Rush It

Success in lifting is fundamentally simple. There’s no magic potion to skyrocket us to a 400lb back squat.  It is a simple formula that you have heard before but it bears repeating.

Consistency + Proper Technique = Success

Nothing about that formula is fast or immediate.  Training takes time. To be a solid lifter, proper form is essential.  It involves stripping the weight and drilling the basics; consistently.  Not only will you perform a movement more efficiently, it will look and feel good. Even Great!  

Remember, proper technique should not hurt. Walking away from a lifting session with more than a minor ache or pain should never be your status quo. Pain is a result of a deficiency that needs to be addressed and corrected before working back up to heavy weights.  Investing time in the fundamentals of a movement will pay off later when you crush that big, solid lift!

Power of Positivity

The power of a positive mindset is an amazing tool while refining technique during training sessions.  Finding the bright spot in each session and setting good, realistic goals for the upcoming sessions is a way to keep moving forward. Maybe you went a bit lower in your squat today or stopped your knee from caving in throughout an entire session; both are huge wins and evidence of your progress! Keep moving in the right direction!

Trust the Process

Successful lifting takes time.  Our ego does not appreciate this.  We will find ourselves going for a PR to satisfy our ego. Social media is filled with too many PR’s and not enough of the daily grind to get there. Trust in the process that will lead you to your goals, and appreciate the time you are spending to get there. Surround yourself with like minded individuals with similar goals to continue to push yourself. 

Because in the end, success in lifting is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Coach Sara


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