Efficiency and why we can’t always go 100%

Everyday you manage a number of different resources. Some are obvious and tangible, such as money. Others are less tangible but equally important, an example would be time. Where we spend these resources will shape our lives in very meaningful and long term ways.

When you work out, your body is using resources. These are tangible, but much harder to see. These are sugar, fat, and protein molecules. It is chemical transmitters, hormones, and oxygen. It is your bodies resources. And, very similar to our real world resources, where our body spends them will be significantly impacted. If I spend more time running, my body will get better at running. Spending these resources to run, creates an adaptation to running. The more workout dollars your body spends at the “running store” the better running body it can have.

Why does it matter? I often see people get upset that they cannot hit a max lift. We need to remember, a max lift requires max resources. If we spend spend spend, we will by bankrupt. Your body needs time to recover, allocate resources to a goal, then spend when it is necessary.

If you are struggling with a goal, consider where you have been spending the most time, and make sure it aligns with your goals.

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