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Give the Gift of Health & Happiness!

Happy Holiday’s! Around this time of year it is all about gratitude, family, friends, and of course gifts! This year, give the gift of a healthy and fulfilled life. Remember, it is never TOO early to start! Keep reading to learn how:

Did you know that chronic disease often begins in the gut due to poor nutrition? Therefore, it is incredibly important to encourage a healthy lifestyle for our kids from a young age! Here’s how you can help:

  1. Be the example! If you are telling your kids they can’t have juice or soda, don’t drink it yourself! Your kids look up to you so lead by example and follow a healthy lifestyle
  2. It’s never too early or late to start. We started our kids off from a very young age eating fruits and vegetables. We will use things like hummus dips or toothpicks to make vegetables more fun and interesting. If they didn’t like something the first time we would reintroduce it at a later date, prepared in a different way.
  3. Get everyone on the same page. How can you preach eating whole foods when one kid or parent is eating pop tarts and doughnuts? Doing a pantry clean-out is tough, but sometimes necessary to get all the unhealthy processed food out of the house.

Overwhelmed or not sure where to start? Come see us for a free nutrition consultation, we can help the entire family!

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