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Gymnastics with Coach Shaun – Ring Support Holds

For this week, we are going to work on a basic ring support hold. Ring support is a static hold where your arms are locked out (no bend at the elbow!) and you are supporting your body weight above the rings. This hold is the cover charge to progressing on to other movements such as ring l-sits, muscle ups, dips, and more. As with many other gymnastics-based movements, this will carry over to other elements of your training. A huge benefit of mastering the ring support hold is you are building a stronger shoulder and rotator cuff. A more stable shoulder will be advantageous in many pressing and pulling movements we perform at CFTC.

Body Position Cues

  1. Set the ring height where you can step into the rings and get into support with your feet a few inches off the ground. Hop up into support position.
  2. Feet together and toes pointed, no piking at the hip. Think hollow body!
  3. Flex core, inner thighs, and glutes
  4. Arms straight and locked out and hands turned out (palms facing forward)
  5. And most importantly, press down on the rings and depress and retract your shoulders (think down and away from your ears and squeeze your shoulder blades together).

If this is your first attempt, your body may not be used to the instability and you will most likely shake. Don’t worry, your body will adapt to this new stimulus. In the meantime, we can use a band to help with the instability. Just loop the band around one of the rings and thread the other end through the second. The more tension in the band the easier the support hold will be.

Try to accumulate 60 seconds in a support hold. This can be broken up into sets 6x10s, 4x15s, 3x20s, etc… Work this into your warm up or accessory work during the week.



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