Intensity (and workouts) are relative.

You log on your phone, you check into instagram or whatever social media you choose (or even a different media place) and see someone doing Workout X.  X could be battle ropes, lifting heavy weights, etc.  But whatever X is, it looks INTENSE!  This would be fine in itself, butt the next thought is usually, “I NEED to do more”, or “I didn’t work out hard enough.”

This self defeating thought is super toxic for a few reasons.

  1. You aren’t that person, and you don’t know how much time they spend working on their health and fitness.  IE. DO they sleep more than you, eat better than you, been working out longer than you, have different goals than you?
  2. You worked out, or are working out, or are doing more than nothing.  And while this seems like an easy way out, the reality is that unless you have specific fitness goals, doing something consistently will always be enough.  It will grow naturally over time.  BE PATIENT
  3. You’re gains won’t be stifled by not hitting 90%+ of your best effort.  They just won’t be.  The threshold  for growth is much lower than people realize.  That, plus the fact that are lives get in the way of perfect fitness means we shouldn’t compare ourselves to what is likely perfect snapshots tailor made for social media.
  4. No one has GOTTEN fit doing crazy bullshit.  That is only attainable AFTER the fact.  Stick with the consistent basics and you will get to the place where you get to CHOOSE what crazy stuff you want to do.  But make sure the fundamentals are solid first!

Remember that fitness is a long term commitment.  If you want to do burpee back flips, it starts with solid push ups and easy box jumps.  If you want to deadlift 500lbs, being able to touch your toes and do pull ups comes first.  Enjoy the process of becoming fit and you will hit any goal in time.

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