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Looking Forward

After some of the most trying months many of us have had; we are grateful to be able to still train our community to the highest standards. During this time, we were challenged and had to adapt to new limitations and a shifting future. We rose to the challenge by providing online classes, Zoom PT, remote training, and personal check-ins with all of our clients more often then they may have liked 🙂 Through all of these challenges, we were reminded that in an ever changing world, taking care of our health needs to remain a priority, no matter how difficult life gets. With this in mind, we took a hard look at who we were as a gym. We have rewritten our mission, vision, and values. We want to share them with you here.

Mission: To help people find their inner light and shine by becoming the healthiest version of themselves.  

Vision: To be the defacto “superior” nutrition and fitness establishment in our area.  To help change the lives of 5,000 people through nutrition and fitness.  To create a sustainable business that can be leveraged to improve our community and lives of our staff. 

What we believe:  We believe that you cannot pour from an empty vessel.  That protecting your future allows you to be fully in the present.  Taking the time to do some hard things for yourself allows you to do impossible things for others.  We will actively share ways to help people accomplish this.

What we value:  We value honest and transparent communication with hardwork.  We value every member of our community for their uniqueness and story.  Each of us is on a different part of our journey.  We believe that that uniqueness allows us all to inspire one another.

Our services are based on 4 Pillars we believe are vital for good health and wellness

  1. Strength Training. Strength is having the capacity to perform a given task.  We believe that you should be physically able to perform any task you choose in your life.  That could mean standing and walking, or it could mean lifting 500 lbs.  The only limit should be your lifestyle goals.
  2. Aerobic Conditioning.  Being able to use oxygen more efficiently is the foundation for all exercise.  Heart and aerobic health allows us more freedom to explore our fitness goals while protecting our future.
  3. Nutrition.  This will ultimately become the reason you succeed in your health and fitness goals. It is the bedrock to our health and aesthetics.  It needs to be the first thought, not an afterthought.
  4. Support/Accountability.  Your health and wellness are a part of your lifestyle.  Consistency is not easy and all of us need some help.  We recognize this as a strength and use it to consistently push people to further their progress and reach their next goal.

After 12 years in the industry and seeing where our success with clients has been the most consistent, as well as most effective, we want to create the next evolution in health and fitness training. We believe this needs to encompass ALL 4 pillars above.


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