Nutrition 101: Eat the Rainbow

Have you ever heard, “eat the rainbow”? And I’m not talking about skittles, I’m talking about whole fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

Why is this such a common phrase and why do we remind you of this at least 1x per month in our content?


Eating the rainbow is referring to consuming a variety of different colors from our fruits and veggies. The reason is the colors you see can tell you a whole lot about the amazing micronutrients and thus the important function within our body. Let’s break it down…

Purple/Blue: While there is never a TRUE BLUE food, we break this first category into purple and blue which includes things like dark kale that has a purple hue. Also in this group you may consider eggplant, berries, cherries, and grapes. These foods are a great source of flavonoids which can be thought of as an antioxidant. Studies have linked a diet high in flavonoid with longevity and lower risk for cardiovascular disease. 

Green: Greens are the ones that feel like the HARDEST to eat but with the right cooking method and flavors, they can quickly become a fan favorite. They are packed with dietary fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C! These foods also act as an antioxidant, help with vision, help stabilize blood sugars, aids in production of red and white blood cells in bone marrow, and so much more. 

Orange/Yellow/Red: Remember when your parent(s) told you that eating your carrots will make your eyes stronger. Parents truly know everything! Orange and yellow fruits and veggies are high in carotenoids which are the precursor for Vitamin A! These do help with vision, particularly associated with night vision or the amount of time it takes for your eyes to adjust when going from light to dark or dark to light!

While this is a very superficial overview, the big takeaway is finding ways to incorporate variety. We know that this can be hard especially with picky eaters. The good news is that we can help picky eaters at ANY AGE broaden their horizons and increase their overall health! Be sure to schedule a FREE intro today to chat with one of our nutrition coaches!

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