Nutrition 101: Protein

Over the years I have seen over and over people struggling to eat enough protein!

First, let’s chat about why protein is so important:

  1. Provides our body’s structure & components of enzymes
  2. Regulates body function & Immune system health
  3. Aids in hormone regulation
  4. Provides 4 calories (energy) for every one gram

Now that we can see how important protein is for our overall health, why is it so hard to get enough protein?

Harvard Medical School found that most Americans consume about 15% of their diet from protein. The recommendations from the U.S. Dietary Guidelines states that an adult man should take a minimum of 10% of their daily calories from protein.

Studies have a found many benefits of increasing protein intake to 30% including:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Fat loss
  3. Muscle gain/ maintenance
  4. Better recovery post workouts
  5. Decreased snacking

So, how can we get more protein in? First, the source of your protein matters! We want to choose leaner options with less fat. This is because most fat associated with protein is saturated fat which may be linked to adverse effects. This also spikes the total caloric intake as fat provides more than double the calories for the same amount. Here are coach Kayla’s go to proteins:

Breakfast: Eggs, chicken, whey protein powder, Nonfat greek yogurt

Lunch: Chicken, pork, turkey, beans

Dinner: All of the above + seafood such as scallops and salmon

Snacks: Deli meat, yogurt, eggs, and edamame

If you are looking for new balanced recipes to increase your protein intake, check out or recipe page HERE

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