Nutrition 101: Starting Fresh

There are likely several goals or resolutions that you have attempted in the past. Or diet plans or nutrition challenges that left you feeling unsuccessful. Maybe they have already come and gone this year (and it’s only February!). Well you are not alone. Research reports that at least two-thirds of people on diets will regain more weight than they lost.

Give yourself some grace. Put those negative experiences, outcomes and thoughts behind you and move forward with a clean slate. One thing you can do to start with a clean slate today is the closet clean out strategy!!

Here are 4 simple tips for cleaning out your refrigerator and pantry:

  1. Remove anything EXPIRED and get rid of anything that is out of date. How many dressings, sauces, and other garnishes are just sitting there staring at you each time you open up your refrigerator doors. Just toss them and start off with better items that are lower in sugar and fat! Speaking of…

  1. Check the SUGAR content. Sugar is added to many processed foods labeled as “healthy”! Food companies add sugar as a way to add flavor, increase shelf life, and of course get you wanting more! While sugar is not bad itself, too much sugar can cause a laundry list of health complications. The recommended intake of sugar is 25g a day for women and 36g a day for men! That is 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men. 
  1. Check the FAT & SODIUM Content. Fat and sodium are stabilizers used to make products last longer. It’s important to limit processed foods loaded with fat and added trans fat. Many sauces, soups and processed foods are loaded with sodium. Just like sugar, fat and sodium help with shelf life! While most of us are not salt sensitive and don’t need to concern ourselves too much with our intake, it can lead to bloating which is why we should always try to remain mindful. If we are getting a diet packed with whole foods, we are likely already doing this. Once we start reaching for more of those highly processed foods is where we find ourselves in trouble as they help with shelf life! Fat is another thing to stay mindful of as it is very energy dense! For every 1 gram, you are consuming 9 calories. Any calories eaten in excess, no matter the macronutrient, will be stored as fat on our bodies!  
  1. Strategically place your whole foods: Try moving all your whole foods to the top shelf of the refrigerator or your line of sight in the pantry. When we are mindless, we grab things that are convenient. Why not make whole foods such as fruits and veggies the first option you see! Set yourself up for success! (That picture on the graphic for this blog is Coach Kayla’s ACTUAL fridge!)

Remember- if it is in your house it will most likely get eaten so remove unnecessary temptations to start with a clean slate today! If you need help getting back on track to find a sustainable plan, schedule a FREE INTRO TODAY! 

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