Nutrition 101: What is Gluten?

There has been a craze of people going gluten free when trying to lose weight. Today I want to talk about gluten, celiacs disease, and why people will try to convince you it will solve your weight problems. 

What is Gluten:

Gluten is a protein made up of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin! They are found in wheat, barley, and rye products. Have you ever made bread and you were directed to knead the dough? Well this is to help the two proteins bind together to make gluten. This new network of gluten supports the dough and allows your bread to be light and fluffy. So, gluten is nothing to be scared of!


Celiacs disease: 

For a vast majority of us, eliminating gluten out of our diet is not necessary. Those who should eliminate gluten include those with gastrointestinal diseases such as celiacs. This disease is actually caused by a mismanagement of the body’s immune response. The body sees gluten as an enemy and will try to attack it. Overtime, this inflammation damages the small intestine which leads to medical complications and risk for malnutrition. While this is more common in the last few years, it only affects 1% of the world’s population! 

Why is this a popular diet: 

This is a very common diet trend that some people have found success with? But why? Well, this diet along with FAD diets like low carb, low fat, keto, etc., aims at removing food groups from your diet. For those who have lost weight following one of these diets for reasons other than medical treatments provided by a professional, is likely because the removal of a food group caused a decrease in intake. For some, removal of food groups will show short term results but that biggest issue is regarding the long term. The diets that remove food groups are usually not sustainable. This leads to binging on the food they were trying to avoid until they gain the weight right back. 

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