Nutrition 101: Why Smoothies Aren’t as Healthy as you Think!

Nutrition 101: Why Smoothies Aren’t as Healthy as you Think! 

I don’t know about you but I see “healthy smoothies” being marketed EVERYWHERE! Today I want to talk about why those smoothies probably aren’t a great first option and how we can make them better! 

So why do I think smoothies shouldn’t be all the rage right now?

EASY- most of those smoothies are PACKED with sugar on top of sugar. “But Coach Kayla, they are made with healthy super fruits like Acai!” Yes, yes they are but 1. There is no such thing as a “super fruit” and 2. While fruit is not bad, fruits are high sugar and just like all other sugars, it needs to be consumed in moderation. 

“But Coach Kayla, I make my own smoothies and I add veggies like spinach into it!” I LOVE that and would encourage you to keep doing that, but again these smoothies are so high in sugar and little in everything else. 

In fact, a study found that the average sized “rich fruit smoothie” contains around ½ cup of sugar. This is about 24 teaspoons in just one drink. The recommended amount of sugar per day for women is 6 teaspoons and 9 teaspoons for men. 

“So Coach Kayla, does this mean smoothies aren’t healthy and I should stop having them even if I enjoy them?” 

NO! But let’s try to make it a better balanced option. 

How to make your smoothie balanced:

When we pair carbs (sugar), protein, and fat together, that is what I mean by balance. Pairing all 3 macros will allow you to feel fuller and satiated as well as benefiting from all the amazing micro-nutrients our smoothies have to offer. 

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