Nutrition 101: Why we talk about your weight

Nutrition 101: Why we talk about your weight

There seems to be this divide in the world when we talk about weight. Let me first start off by saying your weight does not tell you ANYTHING about your worth. 

Stop letting your weight dictate how you feel about yourself or how your day is going to play out. It is EXHAUSTING! How do I know? Because I was just like you. I would weigh myself and depending on the number I saw, it would dictate my mood, what I thought I could eat that day, and how I felt about my physical activity. 

Your weight fluctuates and it definitely does not tell us about the person you are. 

But let me explain to you why we talk about weight and why it does matter. 

Our weight can give us insight about our health and our risk for diseases. If you are considered overweight, you have an increased risk for complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high lipid levels, cancer, and more. 

Think about your weight like the cover of a book. First, the cover does not tell us how great the book is or even 5% of the story. But it does give us an idea of it’s content! 

Your weight can tell us that you may be at an increased risk for complications in your life, but further testing must be done to reveal the individuals’ issues. And it definitely doesn’t tell us about how happy you are, the impact you have on others, and your likelihood to make positive changes in the world. 

So what is the take away? 

Don’t stress about what the scale tells you!!! Put more emphasis on how you feel, how you move, and your overall energy levels. Don’t let the scale tell you how your day is going to go. But DO understand how our weight correlates to our quality of life in regards to health and disease risk. 

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