Nutrition 101: Why Your Diet is Failing YOU!

Every year millions of people start their weight loss journey which inevitably ends with either getting frustrated seeing no progress OR they lose weight fast to gain it right back! Here are the top 3 reasons your diet failed you!

Reason #1: Your diet is TOO RESTRICTIVE!

Low carb, low fat, zero sugar, and so on are all examples of a diet trying to heavily strict what you are allowed to eat! A study found that depriving yourself of tasty food can backfire…It can activate the brain’s stress system, causing anxiety and withdrawal-like symptoms, and leading you to overeat the forbidden foods when you get a chance. 

Reason #2 your diet fails: INCONSISTENCY! 

A study from 2017 suggests that while there is still much debate regarding the optimal weight loss diet, evidence suggests that adherence to a diet, regardless of the type of diet, is an important factor in finding success. In other words, reason number 1, highly restrictive diets is leading to reason #2, inconsistency. 

Reason #3: You try to do it alone

Did you know that those who have a support system surrounding them are more likely to lose the weight AND keep it off?! Tell your friends and family about your goals and WHYS behind them!

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