Progress, Internalizing, and staying focused

Have you ever missed a couple workouts in a row and thought to yourself that you were getting “fluffy?”  Have you ever had a week of great workouts and saw some extra lines in the muscles when the light hits you the right way?  Our looks and aesthetics are an important thing to us personally and culturally.  So it is natural we tend to overthink things as they happen.

What is important to know is that in both scenarios above, very little has likely changed.  No one can get overweight or lean in a week.  You can definitely make progress in either direction, but we tend to “overfeel” in one way or the other.  It is important to remember that health and fitness is not a zero sum game.  Your thoughts about your health and fitness are likely skewed to how you are feeling at the time.

So, what do we do to stay grounded, remind ourselves where we are, and continue to make progress?

  1. Use objective data.  We use our InBody at Radiant to track muscle mass and body fat.  It is an excellent tool to keep track of how we are doing.  Objective data is a double edge sword, because while it can show progress, the honesty of it will keep you accountable, which while important, sometimes doesn’t feel great.
  2. Stay goal focused.  What are you working on?  What do you want to accomplish?  WHat is the plan?  In the social media world it is easy to get pulled in many directions.  Once you start spinning the wheels without focus, it is easy to focus on what you CAN’T do versus what you are working on or what you HAVE done.  
  3. Did I mention plan?  This allows us to stack up little wins.  Instead of having a workout that doesn’t “feel” like enough, it can be a step toward doing more chin ups.  Instead of having a bad weekend of eating, we can know it is part of the process and we are back on track in one meal.  Simply having an outline of where you want to head can help SO MUCH with keeping a more positive mindset about progress
  4. Progress over Perfection.  With health and fitness, direction is SOOOO much more important than speed.  Losing weight happens at a rate of .5-2lbs a week.  Much faster than that and it likely won’t be sustainable.  Getting strong sustainably takes years.  Manage your expectations, build a long term plan, and win each day with progress, not immediate results.

Lastly, what little things can you do to keep you focused?  Something like doing a few extra chin ups a day can add up quickly?  Taking 15 minutes to mobilize while watching TV will do wonders before you know it?  Learning to prep a crockpot or two on the weekend can set up longer term success.  Do the little things and it will support the big things you do at the gym!  

If you need to reorient or talk about where you are and where you want to go, schedule a goal review here!  We’d love to help get you moving in the right direction!

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