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Quantity Vs. Quality

As a future Dietitian and nutrition coach, I always get asked about calories.

“How many calories should I eat if I want to [Insert any goal here]?”

Well, while the old saying, calories in calories out, holds true in some regard, we know that it is not the entire story. When we talk about weight gain or weight loss, it is true that energy balance does matter. What this doesn’t take into account are the many other factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, and lifestyle factors such as physical activity to name a few. This focus on quantity also completely misses out on QUALITY of the food.

CALORIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY!  When we talk about our food, we can break them into 2 different categories: Nutrient Dense Calories vs. Empty Calories. Let’s consider this example:

For the same amount of fries (empty calories) and broccoli (nutrient dense calories), we have a very different breakdown! 17% of the calories, less sodium and fat, and MICRONUTRIENTS such as calcium and vitamin C can be found in broccoli. We also know highly processed foods (empty calories) will cause shifts in our hormones, but we will save that for another day.

Just like the calories in calories out, quality of food also isn’t THE answer. You can still eat too much of a good thing. However, you will feel a whole lot better consuming foods that are just simply better for you.

So, if quality or quantity are not the answer to fixing your health and wellness issues, what is?

Working with an expert in the field will help you to find your perfect path which balances quality and quantity when considering your specific goal. When you have an engine light on, you go to a mechanic. So, then why is our health any different? Stop google searching and find someone you can trust.

If you are looking to get your journey started right now, schedule a FREE intro to chat with one of our expert coaches to help you become your most radiant self. Not ready yet? That’s okay. Start focusing on the quality of your foods and incorporate the plate method RIGHT NOW! Trust me.


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