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Radiant Mission

Ten years ago, I was constantly looking for the next big PR, my next big training day, and trying to always improve.  I loved the competitive aspect and tried to train as much as I could.  This type of mindset and training was all I knew.  It was great for getting me results when my priorities were more performance based.

When my priorities changed, and my schedule changed, my training failed to find a new identity.  This made it hard to stay motivated to train AND made me ask a lot of questions about what I was training for in the past and what am I training for now.

At Radiant, we know our priorities and lives can change year to year, and even month to month.  Our training needs to be able to adapt with our lives to keep up with not only our evolving goals but can adapt to more or less time to train.

Our programs for our athletes to focus on what they want, and to meet them where they are. Ranging from Nutrition Coaching, Private Coaching, Group Coaching, Remote Coaching, we have all the tools to meet you where you are, and ensure you get the most effective workout for your present place on your journey.  We want to help light the way!


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