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Hey Everyone! Nicole is moving right along in our coaching residency program. Her enthusiasm has been a blast for all of the coaches working with her, heck, you’ve probably already seen it in the gym. At this point in her training, she has completed roughly 13 hours of one on one training with our coaching lead.

After her first week, we asked her to share how it went and if there were any surprises. Without further ado, here is how Nicole felt about her first week!

“Today is Sunday. On Friday I shadowed my first PT session and I am STILL SO EXCITED from it! It was awesome to see what I have learned in the Andrew:Nicole sessions be put into practice with a client. I had this moment while shadowing where I really felt “I can do this.” When the client was hitting cues Sara was providing and improving, even over a 60 minute session, it got me so excited for the client. It seemed she really enjoyed herself and that made the hour for me really fulfilling (outside all the new cues and wording I learned from Sara!). I am excited to be in the place where Sara was; listening to someone’s goals, talking to the client about how we can help them get to their goals and them showing them the way to do it.
In my coaching sessions, I was surprised that I did not stumble over my words as much as I thought I would be. Going in, that was one of my concerns as I felt I would come into coaching Andrew and stare blankly at him and then begin moving and hope he would follow suite. BUT THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Sure, I had moments where I simply did not know the best way to explain something (hello push jerk) but I will get there. Also, my first “coaching session”, I was surprised I talked “a explained a little too much”. WHAAAAT? And I was thinking I talked too much. 
I still get concerned with all the technique terms as well as that is not in my wheel house so I know I will have to work extra hard at ensuring I understand it so I know how our clients bodies are moving when we do a certain movement (i.e. our planes of motion).
I have truly enjoyed learning all the cues that can help me quickly get a client to do something differently or adjust. While also understanding I should use common body landmarks as well. You think after hearing these things for 4 years, I wouldn’t have these “ah-hah!” moments yet I am paying attention and learning in a different way now.  It was also great to learn that watching someone’s feet can tell me so much about a lift or movement.
In the end, it has been so FUN going through the coaching sessions. I feel extremely passionate about helping people with their goals and I know my love of fitness will come through when I begin coaching. Eek! <—– That’s an excited Eek!” : ) 


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