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What is the BEST diet?

As a Future RD, one of the most common questions I get is, “what is the best diet out there?” followed by, “have you heard about [insert FAD diet here]?”

Let’s dive into FAD diets. A FAD diet is a trendy diet style that promises rapid weight loss. What we have seen over the years is that they are cyclical meaning they come, they go, but they will always come back. They may just be a different name…

 The keto diet is a great example of a cyclical diet. You may be familiar with the south beach diet, Atkins diet, zero-carb diet, etc., etc.,

They are all the SAME. IDEOLOGY! Low carbohydrates and higher fat with various ranges of protein.

One aspect about FAD diets is the lack of human trials to allow us to determine correlation vs. causation; However, the high fat, low carb diet does not follow this same trend. This is actually a treatment plan that has been and is still used today to treat patients diagnosed with epilepsy and other significant neurological conditions including traumatic brain injuries. This diet has shown to be beneficial for overall brain health and it may help people think clearer and feel “less hungry”. This is likely due to its higher caloric intake as fat is the most energy dense macronutrient.

Through human and animal trials, there is conflicting data on whether or not the keto diet has an advantage for metabolic health, or in other words, weight loss. There is also no benefit for most athletes of varying degrees. Lastly, consumers are often confused about what is “healthy” under this model as many highly processed foods and artificially sweetened products are “keto-friendly”.

From a future RD: If you know someone who lost weight on keto, it was because this diet restricted their choices ultimately leading to a caloric deficit. If you are interested in Keto, please talk to a licensed professional to learn if this diet is safe for you as well as knowing the proper way to go about this eating pattern which should include pee strips to know if you are *actually* keto.

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