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Hey Everyone, Coach Andrew here.  I want to address a workout misconception that I see sidetrack a lot of progress.  And that is the misconception of the evergreen progress.  It looks like this:  

You start working out, maybe even start working out again.

You find a good rhythm and se some success

The success slows down but is still there

More time passes, and all of sudden on a day you feel ok, and are excited about a heavy lift, you can’t do what you thought you could.  Whats up!  Are you weaker?

Nope.  And the problem is, with our own health and wellness it is easy to internalize this specific instance with general failure.

The reality is, life has happened.  We either:

  1. Had a life event, such as stress, sleep, kids, travel, took a break, work, etc.  This can put us in a temporary performance (Or not so temporary, depending on how long.  A break, not a faux retirement) regression that really isn’t as bad as we make it out to be, maybe, usually?
  2. Need a new Solution to our new Problem.  Improvement is good!  But just like everything else you’ve done, there are tiers to health and fitness.  Based on where YOU are in your journey, the most effective exercise may be different.

In both cases we will need to adapt to a stimulus.  In case 1, we let enough time dull our lifting powers enough to frustrate us.  In case 2, we need to find new tools to approach the new challenge.

Your body is incredibly effective at using, or saving resources depending on the task at hand.  Which, for better or for worse, means that you will always be best at the thing you have been doing the most of!  

An example: I squat 315lbs, and struggle with keeping my knees from caving, and my back upright with anything over 275.  In order to squat MORE than 315, I will need to address these weaknesses.  BUT, to address these weaknesses most effectively, I may need to take a temporary break from squatting heavy.  When I come back, I may be stronger, but my adaptation to absolute strength has taken a back seat to getting specifically stronger on my weak points.  

Take the time to appreciate where you are, and respect your journey enough to be EXCITED about trying something new, as opposed to being frustrated that Ol’ reliable isn’t quite cutting it enough.  Your mindset about progress will be the biggest X factor in your continued success!


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